Reservation Retrieval   Search & Retrieve Your Reservation!

To view an existing reservation made through the Niagara Central Reservations System, enter the required information below and click the appropriate action button.

You may search for existing reservations by using either a confirmation number or a credit card number.

Your reservation(s) will be displayed provided that you have entered the same information inputs as per your original booking.

In order to view/cancel your booking, click on the highlighted blue confirmation number. Once you have reviewed your reservation(s), you will be able to: display the reservation details or send the detail information to your email address, cancel any of your active hotel reservations or exit.

Please Note: Only reservations made through properties associated with the Niagara Central Reservations System ( can be retrieved or cancelled from this page. If you cannot locate your Niagara Central Reservations reservation, Click here to contact our Customer Service Representative

Please Note: All reservations made with the "Niagara Central Reservations" system will be assigned a comfirmation code beginning with the letters "NCR"

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